Saturday, April 7, 2012

Macy's Flower Show at Herald Square

Happy Easter!

Nothing like flowers to celebrate the season, and they abound at the Macy's flower show.  Unlike previous years, this year's flower show was moved outdoors due to the ongoing renovation at the Herald Square flagship store.

The show is staged in a climate-controlled, custom-made tent spanning 150 ft., from 34th to 35th Streets.  The 5,000 square foot location is a stunning garden depicting the plants and flowers of Brazil. This year's flower show has the theme Gardens in Paradise.

Coming inside the tent, the people move in a single file but you could stop and take pics, just don't take too long in one spot so the line could move and you won't be blocking the way. 

Near the entrance is this scene depicting a courtyard garden.

The flower show mascot is a toucan and it perches proudly on a spot adjacent to the courtyard.

A plaque by the mascot states:
The giant toucan topiary overseeing the 38th Macy's Flower Show was sculpted by the artists at Macy's Parade Studio.  Its beak and chest are covered with over 25,000 hand-dipped Brazilian button flowers applied by the horticulturists at the Ireland-Gannon nursery, who also meticulously arranged the thousands of magnolia leaves that simulate the bird's plumage.
At the far corner before the path turns is this fountain area.

 Here are some photos of the plants near the fountain area ..

The path winds near the mascot which is across the fountain area.  More plants and flowers abound there.

The winding path brings you to a raised section where you could cross a wooden bridge and see a waterfall! Before this section is another fountain area.

And could you see what's hiding behind the palm trees?

More flowers abound near the waterfall area ..

There's a small wooden bridge to cross when you want to look at the waterfall.

Coming from the waterfalls, this sculpture greets you while Brazilian inspired music play in the background.  I was humming Girl from Ipanema while taking this shot.

Here's a close-up of the pineapple plant growing near the statue.

Across from this is a depiction of a Rio Rooftop Garden complete with a portion of a roof with plants growing out of the shingles.

Adjacent to it is another courtyard with a fountain, rocking chair and lots of flowers and bromeliads.

At the end of the path is Jardim Botanico the highlight of the flower show.  It is a sunroom designed exclusively for the Macy's Flower Show by the Hampton Conservatories.  Too bad the area was roped-off and the people are allowed just a peek inside.  I would have loved to take off my shoes and curl up with a good book underneath the beautiful floral chandelier.

Coming out of the exit, you can see all the "hardware" that's needed to keep the flower show going and they are neatly covered in a material showing the show's logo.

Here are the side and back views of the flower show venue.

The exit will lead you right to Macy's amazing show windows, which I wrote about in the succeeding blog.

For the rest of my pics of the flower show, here's my album on Flickr ..  Macy's Flower Show

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