Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter at the Rockefeller Center

I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral on Good Friday to visit the church and do some reflection. On the way there, I passed by Rockefeller Center and decided to check if the Easter bunny topiary is already in place.  The bunny was right there, balancing an Easter egg on its head.  See how cute it is!

Some of my friends who saw the pic said it doesn't look like a bunny cause it looks like it has short ears.  Good thing I took pictures of its side view.

Do you see its cute tail? Here's a pic of the back view.

I still have a pic of last year's Rockefeller Center Easter bunny. Which of them do you think is cuter?

Hmmm, it kinda boils down to the color of the egg. You be the judge!

Lilies and hydrangeas surround the Channel Gardens at the Center. I especially like the hydrangeas arranged in a big easter basket.

The lilies are a sight to see, too.  I love these flowers!

There is also a trio of pastel-colored giant eggs.

They look so yummy I was wishing inside is a real chocolate egg.  After all, Easter is a season of hope, right?

I then crossed the street to go to St. Patrick's.  It is right across Rockefeller Center, it's twin spires looming high and majestic in the night sky.

I love the Cathedral's main door, too.

After the visit to St. Patrick's, I crossed back to Rockefeller Center again to watch the skaters at its Ice Skating Rink.  The ice skating season for this year will only be until April 22.

As usual, the Prometheus Fountain is always a sight to see.

Here's a shot of the skating rink I took behind the fountain.

All in all, Good Friday was a good day. I was able to visit the church, have some reflections, and gave thanks for all the blessings.  

Before going to Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral, I dropped by Central Park, to commune with nature, as I always feel peaceful just by walking along the Pond.  It may be man-made but the trees, flowers and animals inhabiting it are all God's glorious creation.

I wish you all a happy and meaningful Easter season!

For the rest of my Rockefeller Center pics, here's the album on Flickr - Rockefeller Center

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