Friday, May 10, 2013

April Walks in Central Park

After arriving back in the US from my vacation, I had three weekends left in April to go walking and most of those walks were in Central Park. April in Central Park is a magical time, trees bursting with pink and white blossoms, all the colors of flowers you can imagine, and temps just right for a great walk.

The first weekend, I walked from The Pond up to The Reservoir. This was The Pond around the middle of April. You can see the leaves sprouting from the trees and some were already showing off their spring colors.

At the base of Cat Rock, the forsythia were blooming and brightening the area with its brilliant color.

I came upon this drawing class in an area where there were lots of magnolia and cherry trees. I would have loved to paint, too, if I only have the talent, but I could take pics and I hope you enjoy seeing the park through my eyes.

Most of the cherry trees were blooming at the time of my walk, and as I neared the statue of The Pilgrim, I could see he has the best views of the cherry blossoms in the park.

It was also a great day to hang out at the Conservatory Water. The model boats were already out and sailing across the pond.

At the Great Lawn, lots of cherry trees were in bloom, I like the look of this big and pink cherry tree.

I stayed at The Reservoir until evening. The lights on the buildings of midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side were reflected on the Reservoir water as the moon shines down on the city.

The next weekend, I started my walk at the northern side of the park, the Harlem Meer. The geese were already there enjoying the park.

Adjacent to the Harlem Meer is the Conservatory Garden. The English Garden was bursting with pink and white blossoms.

If I had a book and the time to sit down and rest, I would have also done this, and enjoyed the day amidst the colors and scents of spring.

But I had to keep on walking, from the Conservatory Garden, past the North Meadow and on to The Reservoir and the all colorful trees around it.

From the Reservoir, I took the bridle path to walk further south and I'm glad I did as I had this great view. A really beautiful spring day!

From the bridle path, I passed the Great Lawn to visit the Obelisk or Cleopatra's Needle. The magnolia trees were already in full bloom by that time. The Obelisk framed by the magnolia flowers is such a pretty sight, don't you think so?

Then it's on to the Bethesda Terrace. In the late afternoon sun, the flowering trees provided a great back drop to the Bethesda Fountain,

By the time I reached Bow Bridge it was already sundown, and The Lake looked peaceful and calm.

A goose was busy preening at The Lake, oblivious to the reflections all around.

I stayed at the area until early evening and saw that the cherry trees on Cherry Hill were the perfect roosting spot for the robins. All in all, another great walk on a beautiful spring day.

For the last weekend of April, I started my walk at the south end of the park. I've always felt at peace looking at The Pond and Gapstow Bridge, I just love this view.

Up at Cat Rock I saw these young ladies trying to make a big ♥ with their hands. Yes Central Park, we ♥ you!

I then proceeded to the Carousel and saw these pretty tulips blooming all around.

I then walked towards The Mall but along the way heard chirping and saw this pretty blue jay. After I took this pic, it flew down but remained in the area occassionally looking up. It was then that I saw another blue jay answering its call.

Just a little bit further, I looked up and saw a very cute sight .. a little squirrel asleep up a tree. It was my first time to see a squirrel sleep and I'm glad I was able to witness and document the moment as a short time later it stirred and scampered away.

The leaves of the American elm trees were starting to appear and provide a great shade while walking in The Mall.

Near the Ladies' Pavilion at The Lake, a lot of people were entertained by these turtles. They were just sitting there and sunning themselves and gained a lot of audience. Or maybe the audience thought the turtles were about to break into some dance?

The Swedish Cottage became more charming with the pink dogwood tree blooming in front.

And it looked like summer at the Great Lawn with all the people lying around enjoying the day.

Look at all the pink and white cherry trees, doesn't the Reservoir look pretty?

I then proceeded to the Conservatory Garden and found a riot of more pink and white. The crabapple trees lining the Center Garden were in full bloom.

It was already late afternoon and I wanted to go to the North Woods so I didn't stay long at the garden. At the North Woods, I chanced upon this chipmunk skipping among the rocks.

By the time I reached The Loch I've been walking the whole afternoon and was getting a little tired, but seeing the pretty waterfall made me forget all the tiredness. A forest in the middle of the city, I love it here!

Are you in pink and white overload yet? I hope not as these flowering trees surely brighten and add color to the park in April. There wasn't much rain during the month but i do hope April, with or without the showers will still bring the May flowers. And i'm looking forward to enjoying these flowers in my walks in the park in May.

For the rest of my pics, here's the album on Flickr - Central Park, April 2013

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