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On The Set of New York Feature

I've been so busy lately as I recently transferred to a bigger place. I still walked on weekends but lagged on the upload of my pictures and writing this blog, as packing and other stuff occupied most of my free time. I will share instead a feature from the website 

The editor of the site, Mark, emailed me last month. Part of his email read:

I came across your NYC blog this weekend, and must complement you on the fantastic images of New York’s Central Park. I’m assuming that you are a New York resident?

I was wondering if you would allow me to post some of your images on the website that I run – – it is a dedicated site for New York based films and the locations around the city that they use. It has been running since November 2009 and brings in around 40,000 unique visitors a month. It also showcases photographs of NYC, some of which I’ve taken during my brief visits there.
Mark gave me some questions which I tried best to answer. As a result, he came up with this article. Thank you for featuring me and my blog, Mark! 

Enjoy everyone!

Gigi's Walking Pictures

11 March 2014

Taking a leisurely walk through New York’s Central Park in the height of winter is just one of the many visits to the city that Gigi Altarejos has made recently for her online blog. “My first blog post was on January 2012, when I lived and worked in Manhattan,” explained Gigi. “I work in Queens now, but always make a point to go and walk around the city at weekends.”

During her visits to the city, Gigi takes along her trusted Nikon camera and in the past couple of years has built up an online gallery consisting of thousands of images from the impressively powerful financial district skyline to the beautiful picturesque lakes of Central Park, Gigi has managed to seamlessly capture the real essence of the city. 

Gigi told otsoNY, “New York is best explored walking and I love the fact that you could do so any time of the day. I just love taking pictures and sharing them with friends who are not New York based. I walk every weekend and always take lots of photos. I think doing so makes your mind more open to the things around you. I usually walk in the park and this has made me appreciate nature.” Gigi added, “I count myself lucky that I live in a place where I can enjoy the seasons and so try to document its changes as much as I can.”

Asked about films set in New York, Gigi replied, “I have always enjoyed watching films based in New York. Home Alone 2, Coyote Ugly, Ghostbusters, The Day after Tomorrow and I really enjoy the Spiderman series. My favourite film would be Coming to America, as the hamburger joint the movie used for McDowell's was the Wendy's at the corner of the apartment where I used to live. It is so cool to see my apartment in the movie. What's sad though, is that the place was recently torn down to make way for another apartment complex.”

Gigi is one of the volunteer photographers at The High Line and recently crossed paths with fellow photographer, Annie Leibovitz. “Our meeting happened by complete chance. I joined the High Line Soup Experiment where all attendees gathered for a one-pot meal at a communal table and I didn't realise I was sitting opposite Annie Leibovitz until the person beside me mentioned it.”

If you want to see more of Gigi's photography, otsoNY has posted 2 new volumes in the Picture Gallery. Alternatively, you can read her blog or follow her on Twitter by clicking on the links.



Here are the links to the Picture Gallery

The PhotoGallery Vol. 7 

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Thank you again to Mark and!

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